MARIA ARABATZIS, MBA Portfolio Manager
and Shareholder Engagement Manager
ALEXANDRIA BIELA Administrative Manager SUSAN BREMER, CPA Chief Financial Officer
& Chief Compliance Officer
TIFFANY BROWN Portfolio Coordinator LISA CHIOFFI, CFA Senior Portfolio Manager MaryElizabeth Conlon-Kesse Assistant Portfolio Manager
KATHRYN EGAN Administrative Coordinator CARRIE A. ENDRIES, Ph.D. Senior Portfolio Manager and Director of Impact Investments KEVIN FAIRWEATHER Portfolio Accountant
YUJI KOGA Managing Director RYAN LOWRY, J.D. Deputy Chief Compliance Officer ASHLEY LYONS Senior Operations Manager
MEGAN TRASK, CFP Senior Wealth Planner JULIE MCVEIGH, CFA Vice President of Reynders, McVeigh & Managing Director of Fresh Pond Capital PATRICK MCVEIGH President and Chief Investment Officer
YIANNIS MITROPOULOS Portfolio Manager & Portfolio Strategies Coordinator CHAT REYNDERS Chairman and Chief Executive Officer TOM ROCHE, CFA Chief Operating Officer
GEORGE ROOKS Senior Equity Strategist and Portfolio Manager SUSAN TRASK Comptroller & Human Resources Manager ERIC SAMPLE, CFA Portfolio Manager and Fixed Income Strategies Coordinator
ERIC SHRAYER, CFA Vice President and Research Director