At Reynders, McVeigh, we stand with our Asian American and Pacific Islander colleagues and the entire AAPI community. We are deeply saddened by the horrific acts of violence and intolerance that AAPI community members continue to endure. Since the onset of COVID-19, xenophobic and racist incidents targeting the AAPI community have risen dramatically around the world. Reynders, McVeigh acknowledges that we have a duty to learn from, listen to, and fight alongside the AAPI community to erase racial stereotyping and scapegoating and to achieve racial justice. We are mindful also of increases in violence toward other communities, including anti-Semitic, anti-Latinx, and anti-LGBTQ hate crimes, and will continue our work to support projects and organizations that reduce hate in our society and make our socioeconomic systems more sustainable for all.


Resources for Racial Justice and Asian American and Pacific Islander Allyship