As a firm with economic, social, and governance (ESG) principles at its core, we are deeply saddened and upset by the ongoing injustices our Black family and friends continue to endure. The past weeks have led to a movement of intolerance for racism and brutality and a call for allyship. Reynders, McVeigh acknowledges that while our firm’s majority is white, we have a duty to learn from, listen to, and fight alongside our fellow Black Americans in achieving racial justice.

The oppression and persecution of Black people in America have gone on long enough, and Reynders, McVeigh joins our Black communities in fighting for the equity and justice that they have been long overdue. Over the last weeks, the Firm has held space for sharing reflections and resources so that we may all become better educated and identify actions we can take to be allies to the Black community and fight against racism both at Reynders, McVeigh and in each of our own communities.


Resources for Racial Justice and Black Allyship