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Jamie Taloumis quoted in CNN

Investing as a young professional can be critical to building a path toward one's financial goals. However, learning where to start can be difficult, especially when grappling with other financial issues like paying down debt.

Jamie Taloumis, Portfolio Manager, offered...

Maria Egan quoted in GreenBiz

The Supreme Court addressed the critical business issue of climate disclosures in a ruling earlier this year, and Maria Egan, Vice President & Director of Shareholder Engagement, offered some thoughts to GreenBiz for what companies can expect moving forward.


April 2024

In life, 90% of disappointment lies in unmet expectations. In
mid-2023, fears that high interest rates were leading the U.S.
economy into imminent recession created a significant selloff in
U.S. equity markets. This, in turn, initiated a...

Clay Bruning quoted in U.S. News & World Report

Where can investors find alpha in the burgeoning renewable energy sector? Clay Bruning offered commentary to U.S. News & World Report on the specific opportunities that stand out to him and our research team. He also delves into the firm's...

Where Renewables Fit in the Electrification Megatrend

As climate change prompts us to transition to a more sustainable energy equation, a new investment megatrend is powering up across the planet. Electrification involves the transformation of existing industries and technologies that have historically used fossil fuel generation to...

The State of Corporate Gender Equity: Q&A with Maria Egan

How is gender equity being reflected in the markets and the corporate environment? Hear from Reynders, McVeigh’s Maria Egan, Vice President and Director of Shareholder Engagement:


How does an imbalance in gender equity affect the bottom line?



February 2024

Though they may seem like conflicting statements, we believe that 2023 will be remembered both as a year of financial speculation and a return to normalcy. And no, we don’t believe that speculation is normal—or healthy.

Last year began with...

THE CLIMATE Interview with Jacqui Smith

What can we infer from big oil and gas companies investing in green and clean energy?

Jacqui Smith draws on her history in the industry in a recent THE CLIMATE article, highlighting the challenges these companies...

How to Thoughtfully Build Your Giving Strategy

We’re officially in the holiday season, when many of us start focusing on ending the year with family, friends, and celebration. With #GivingTuesday around the corner, you may also want to start building your giving strategy, so you’re...

October 2023

Over nearly 15 years, investors have grown accustomed to a “new normal” of zero interest rate policies. These policies, when first initiated in response to the Global Financial Crisis, were...

How to Embrace Manufacturing Automation

Innovations often come with laggards’ warning labels. Why would we use motor vehicles when horses are reliable? What’s the point of a digital photograph when film works? Who would want a computer in their home?


Is Your Portfolio as Sustainable as You Are?

The impact of climate change is increasingly prevalent in our everyday lives. Between regular climate summits, increasingly extreme storms, and the hottest summer on record, it’s hard to ignore.

Many of us are already making changes...

Barron’s Q&A with Jacqui Smith

“This could be almost like the secret sauce of investing.”

An individual’s career path is a complex web of professional and personal decisions. Our own Portfolio Manager, Jacqui Smith, is no exception. But in a recent...

July 2023

Apropos of a stock market that has become fascinated with the potential of artificial intelligence (AI), Paul McCartney announced last month that the Beatles had come together one last time—through...

Going Electric: Investing in the EV Ecosystem

What’s next for the electric vehicle industry? Consumer preference, legislation, and technological innovation are driving EV growth, but unpacking the industry trends and investment risks are more complex challenges.

We’ve laid out some of the key...

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