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Barron’s Q&A with Jacqui Smith

“This could be almost like the secret sauce of investing.”

An individual’s career path is a complex web of professional and personal decisions. Our own Portfolio Manager, Jacqui Smith, is no exception. But in a recent...

July 2023

Apropos of a stock market that has become fascinated with the potential of artificial intelligence (AI), Paul McCartney announced last month that the Beatles had come together one last time—through...

Going Electric: Investing in the EV Ecosystem

What’s next for the electric vehicle industry? Consumer preference, legislation, and technological innovation are driving EV growth, but unpacking the industry trends and investment risks are more complex challenges.

We’ve laid out some of the key...

April 2023

The executive leadership of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) knew for sure that the ecosystem of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and investors would be staunchly loyal. For decades, the community valued SVB’s deep understanding of the local market and the bank’s long...

Investing in Black-Owned Businesses

Black-owned businesses represent a fast-growing sector of our economy. Between 2019 and 2022 census data shows that Black entrepreneurship rose by 38%. Black founders, however, often face incredible hurdles to secure the funding they need to grow.

January 2023

We have been consistent with our advice this year that investors will need to remain patient in this post-pandemic period as multiple factors roil global markets and slow global economic...

How to Participate Effectively in Positive Change

We believe the key to impact investing is to view opportunities through a more holistic lens than the finance industry has traditionally employed. A one-size-fits-all approach is unrealistic: social and environmental issues are multifaceted and complex, and they...

Post-COP27 Analysis and a Look Ahead to 2023

More than six years after the first United Nations Climate Change Summit, the world still has a long way to go to align with the 2016 Paris Agreement. The 2022 event (COP27) in Egypt yielded high expectations to get...

Revenue-based financing isn’t new, but it is for diverse founders

The entertainment industry has used revenue-based financing successfully for decades—so why not replicate that model in other industries? Founders First does just that, creating opportunities for diverse-led businesses through revenue-based capital and providing a predictable income for their investors.



October 2022

We have been consistent with our advice this year that investors will need to remain patient in this post-pandemic period as multiple factors roil global markets and slow global economic growth. We see a likelihood of a recession in Europe...

How Good Replicable Models Amplify Impact

At Reynders, McVeigh Capital Management, we like to talk about replicable models. If something is successful in one place, and it’s done well, the idea that it can be repeated in other areas can create an amplification of impact.



Due Diligence and ESG Ratings: A Break Down

Interest in sustainable investing is growing. And with that, the industry has debated how to properly rate and score ESG initiatives and their validity as a sole source of decision making for investments. Rating agencies have come under scrutiny...

Changing the Dynamic of Diverse-led Businesses with Founders First

Reynders, McVeigh Capital Management’s impact investing approach relies on identifying solutions to systemic issues and designing financial models based on sound investment fundamentals. In this way, the capital deployed is put to work in replicable, scalable models that...

July 2022

In January, we noted that the S&P 500 index had finished 2021 with its second best three-year winning streak in history--and that the probability of a poor year for stocks was higher than it had been in many years. Unfortunately,...

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