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October 2018

The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index (S&P) is on a tear. A careful analysis of a couple of the economic factors that have supported recent U.S. outperformance provides a reasonable argument that long-term investors might do well to consider rebalancing portfolios...

Finding Opportunity in the Gaps: Sustainable Infrastructure

Infrastructure: it is one of the incremental keys to economic development and growth. At its most basic, infrastructure means connectivity – roads, rail, ports, and telecommunications open doors to commerce and ultimately allow businesses to thrive. Beyond its most basic,...

July 2018

As opening lines go, “I love the circus,” may not be as compelling as, “All children, except one, grow up,” yet it is appropriate for these times. Three-ring political summits, high wire...

Expanding Access, Scaling Impact

Reynders, McVeigh Capital Management employs a diligent investment process that directs capital to create progressive disruption and positive global change across industries, companies, and technologies. This approach provides our clients...

April 2018

Analysts and participants may have gotten ahead of themselves as the market rocketed forward in the last quarter of 2017 and the early weeks of 2018. In hindsight, their optimism is understandable. This is especially true given the increasingly synchronized...

The shareholder engagement toolbox

At Reynders, McVeigh, we believe that being an active investor is not only in our clients’ best interest, it is our responsibility as investors. We take our role seriously, and approach our commitments with diligence that extends across a number...

Implications of the new tax code

For more individuals, getting a handle on taxes has never been easy. In fact, a recent survey found that 57% of Americans were not confident in their understanding of the tax code and 53% were not confident in...

January 2018

Spurred by a slowly accelerating economy and pro-business policies that have pushed deregulation and a major corporate tax break, blue skies led to very green stock prices in 2017. Potential clouds of rising interest rates, nuclear weapons in North Korea,...

October 2017

Much of this year's boom in global equity markets seems to have been fueled by the notion that promises of reduced regulation, lower taxes, and increased infrastructure spending in the United States will become reality -- driving more growth in...

July 2017

Companies need earnings and innovation for their stock price to grow. Earnings have been flowing quite nicely over the past six months due to lower energy prices and interest rates that had been in place for some time.  In fact,...

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