Senior portfolio manager and director of impact investing, Carrie Endies, Ph.D., recently had the opportunity to join others at an event hosted by New England Impact Investing Initiative – a key member of our impact investing peer group. The event was well attended by members of the Boston impact community old and new, and from a variety of professional backgrounds including, philanthropy, fund managers, investors, CDFIs, family offices, and lawyers.

The discussion focused on a question posed by David Bank of ImpactAlpha: “What challenges need to be overcome in 2019 to ensure sustainable growth of impact investing?”

It’s an important discussion, and one we have often at Reynders, McVeigh. We employ an approach that takes several key criteria into account, which we believe promote the sustainable growth of impact investing and help our clients achieve both their financial and impact goals.

Expanding access, scaling impact: The history of our firm and the expertise of our team give us the unique ability to design or improve innovative impact investment opportunities that create access for broader groups of investors to participate. We take our role seriously, as we work to bring different organizations and investors together – somewhat of a connecting glue in the impact ecosystem.

By drawing from a more diverse collection of investors, we have seen that varying levels of financial commitment from different sources of capital can be brought into the fold. We believe that this approach leads to greater durability and sustainability of impact investments.

Replicable models: We keep a focus on scalability as a major criterion for successful impact investments. When an impact model can be replicated across geographies and industry areas, it can scale at a rate that truly creates systemic change.

Preservation of capital: We prioritize the preservation of capital across all our traditional investment activity at Reynders, McVeigh, and the same is true for our impact investments. We focus on investment models that emphasize return of capital, so that our clients can amplify their impact by recycling their impact investment capital again and again.

If you are interested in learning more about our impact approach and impact investing, please email or call us directly at (617) 226-9999.

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